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This is a review of the new Texas Tea Pinball skill slots. I know of one install at least at Borgata in AC

The game has two spin buttons on left and right which doubles as the left/right flipper controls in the pinball bonus round

The game is comprised of the base game which is a traditional slot machine and the skill based pinball bonus round. You have the option of forgoing the skill bonus for a traditional free spins bonus. Five free spins is what i saw offered

I will review the base game first and then the skill bonus

1) Base game:

This is a Texas Tea themed slot. I saw nothing different from other games in the Texas Tea family although the money and bonuses offered were sadly lacking. Overall the game is incredibly boring

The game grid is 4 high/5 across.

The only way to play the skill portion of the game is to be lucky enough to receive at least 2 bonus round symbols. These are on the middle (3rd) reel only

2 bonus round symbols gets you three balls in the pinball bonus

3 bonus round symbols gets you four balls in the pinball bonus

4 bonus round symbols gets you five balls in the pinball bonus

I ran through and lost $500 without a single bonus round

2) Pinball skill based game review:

I ran through and lost $500 without a single bonus round

End review

EDIT: Hullaboo asked a good question about denomination. I admit i was a bit upset and flustered wen writing the review. The range is sixty cents minimum up to $3 max and yes I was playing max bet wen running through the $500. Nonetheless I rarely go through that at a game at only $3 per spin without a bonus. The individual spins were paying very poorly as well. Perhaps I hit horrible variance. Will give it another shot in the future. But not now
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That sucks. (Not the review, just the results).

What was the denomination and how much per game?
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December 13th, 2017 at 12:43:09 AM permalink

4 Dec 2017

Texas Tea Pinball, has been deployed at Enjoy Chile-operated casinos Enjoy Coquimbo and Enjoy Viña del Mar.
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I want to say hello and a thank you to mamat. I see you have had some backlash but your post was the only post that seemed to have good information even though someone said it was all hogwash. I would like to learn any information you are willing to share again. I am sorry. This was the wrong thread. I was trying to post in the other thread where you gave some information about skill based games.
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This game is in Vegas at the Asian casino. Looks like it sucks.

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