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Hi all,

Been lurking on this forum for ages, for the first time have an actual question. I've read in the past about a "skill-based slot" from IGT called Centipede, based on the 80's Atari game. Do any of the denizens here know if any machines are still around in Las Vegas? Taking my first trip there in a long time and dying to try it if it still exists, since it's a couple of years old which is a millennium in slot time.

Thanks in advance for any input,
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Last reports I came across had it at Bellagio and Golden Nugget, but that was 6 months ago.

If you find it, please report, as the game is supposed to feature a player selectable skill level on the bonus round from 0 - 100% skill.
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I saw them in a couple places just don't remember where. We have them in the casino in tampa and honestly just not as fun as you would expect.

That being said boyd and Caesars have a slot finder that tells which casinos has which slots



not sure if the other casinos have this but I would assume so so maybe google it

I am an MGM guy and table game player but never checked to see if they do my wife is the one who found these a while back
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You mention "a couple of years old" which I consider to be the 3-reel mechanical version that had a mandatory skill-based bonus round. That version no longer exists in Vegas.

The latest version plays out as a video slot which gives you the option of taking free spins or playing an arcade round for the bonus. On the Strip, Bellagio and Casino Royale had it. Bellagio's machines are gone, but I don't know about Casino Royale. None of the local casinos that I checked ever had this game either.
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If you're swinging by the area, you might also want to visit The California on Fremont; they just recently got Frogger: Get Hoppin' which is another (sort-of) skill-based game based on a classic video game property.

The inputs are like a basic slot. There's no lateral movement of Frogger; each of the five buttons (normally used to select number of lines) just advances you up one row, into the column appropriate to the button you pushed. Play for 15 seconds (minus penalties), rack up points based on distance or bonus items. Get a high enough score and you get a guaranteed payout; otherwise, it goes to a selection screen where you can get your initial bet back, spin a wheel, or nothing (I got mostly 70% wheel spins, all of which are guaranteed return or higher).

Note that you need an ungodly high score to hit the guaranteed payouts... after maybe a dozen tries, I was up 11$, had the second highest lifetime score on the unit (not saying much; it was probably less than a week old)... and needed more than double that to hit even the lowest guaranteed payout.


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