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Casinos often rotate new slots in the place of old ones.

My question: can a private party purchase a used slot machine from a casino, or from some other source, and if so, how would one go about doing it?

LV shows a few are for sale, but none interest me: there's a couple slots in particular that I'd be interested in looking at if they were available at a reasonable cost.

I suspect there is probably some middleman somewhere that can broker this?
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Yes, there are lots of used slot vendors. However, the legality of slot machine ownership is determined at the state level. In Oregon it's illegal to own a game newer than 25 years old:

Quote: ORS 167.147

Possession of a gambling device
• defense
(1) A person commits the crime of possession of a gambling device if, with knowledge of the character thereof, the person manufactures, sells, transports, places or possesses, or conducts or negotiates a transaction affecting or designed to affect ownership, custody or use of:
(a) A slot machine; or
(b) Any other gambling device, believing that the device is to be used in promoting unlawful gambling activity.
(2) Possession of a gambling device is a Class A misdemeanor.
(3) It is a defense to a charge of possession of a gambling device if the slot machine or gambling device that caused the charge to be brought was manufactured:
(a) Prior to 1900 and is not operated for purposes of unlawful gambling; or
(b) More than 25 years before the date on which the charge was brought and:
(A) Is located in a private residence;
(B) Is not operated for the purposes of unlawful gambling; and
(C) Has permanently affixed to it by the manufacturer, the manufacturers name and either the date of manufacture or the serial number. [1971 c.743 §269; 1977 c.264 §1; 1983 c.403 §1; 1993 c.781 §1; 1995 c.577 §1]

But if you're looking, I'd start here:
The sponsors of that forum are listed in a block of banner ads in the middle of the home page, many of them are used slot game distributors.

Edit: also, if you're shipping a slot machine across state lines, federal law may come into play. I haven't looked that up but I'm pretty sure it's illegal with exceptions as opposed to generally lawful. That's why even in Nevada, manufacturers ship parts in and assemble in-state for in-state distribution.
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Quote: MrV

I suspect there is probably some middleman somewhere that can broker this?

Several websites offer used slot machines, but be careful about shipping gambling equipment across state lines or on federal property. Its not necessarily illegal and the sites are actually sources of good information since when I was looking several years ago the sites listed the chip information as well as the slot machine information and often shipped alternative chips sets as well.

If you can't find out in advance which chip is installed, its safe to assume its a chip that meets the Nevada market since all slot manufacturers aim for the Nevada market and then merely "localize" their chips for other markets.

Slot machines to Mexico is a big business and also, I understand, to illegal clubs in Texas.

Machines from the Phillipines were routinely shipped to the USA but now there are problems.

Also, if you are in the UK you must still abide by the laws that make it illegal to posess anywhere in the UK any device that imitates the sound of a London Metropolitan Police whistle. Its still on the books and they DO enforce it to this day.

If you just want it for "decor" its probably best to buy a simulated machine that is full of chrome and dispenses jackpots at every pull. If you really want to explore the innards, its probably better to take a Junior College course as a Slot Technician. There are schools in Nevada, Mississippi and I believe Colorado that offer slot technician certificates.
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Thanks for this post from:
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There are a lot of dealers in Ohio for some reason. They can't ship newer machines to PA but you pick them up from their showrooms no questions asked. But the legality is on you when you pick them up and bring them into PA. . I know a few people who have a couple in their game room. Reels go for as little as $500 and early 2000 videos for $1000 and up.
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California has a similar "25-year-old machine" law:

Quote: California Penal Code section 330.7

It shall be a defense to any prosecution under this chapter relating to slot machines, as defined in subdivision (d) of Section 330b, if the defendant shows that the slot machine is an antique slot machine and was not operated for gambling purposes while in the defendant’s possession. For the purposes of this section, the term “antique slot machine” means a slot machine that is over 25 years of age.

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I see many of them in auctions in Vegas. Recently saw a counter top Double Diamond go for $250. I don't see many Australian style reels, as I think they just get recycled into new games. I've gotten a few glass tops with game names- Monopoly, Battleship, Gold mine and such. They for for about $5 at auction, $10-15 on ebay.
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January 5th, 2017 at 5:53:55 AM permalink
Yes it is very possible to buy used one. You also buy a restored slot machine but it would cost you a lot of money. Acquiring the slot depends of you state because some states don't allow privately owned slot machine.
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I'm going to be speaking with a vendor in Ohio if anyone has any specific questions about owning a slot machine.
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Something else to think abut is this.....playing a slot at home is NOT the same as playing in a casino. Loses a lot of the allure when you have to fill the hopper with your own coins. What's the point of winning your own jackpot? Your friends might want to play with your money, but you'll have to let them know they can't keep any winnings, or they insert their own coins, and take away all the coins they win. Either way will likely strain the friendship. I say "coins" because the TITO system is newer than 25 years.
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