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Quote: waasnoday

That is something that has always left me confused. So many casinos have run promotions with huge AP holes and yet they still release new promotions with vulnerabilities. In my neck of the woods I expect that because we do not employ the best analytics but you would think most casinos in Vegas would be all over the promotional analytics (guess they are too concerned with card counting). There really should be more math taught with marketing for business degrees.

In the case of LVC I believe they wanted AP's. This helped give the illusion of a busy casino and attracted stragglers and locals.

Lets not forget good promos bring in more ploppys to. If the promo sucks it's not going to trap the ploppys. They really need to look at the long term loyalty they earn from good promotions not just the short term losses they may suffer.

The casino may have a promotion budget, if so they should make it juicy enough that the ploppys get some satisfaction . Most machines are not +EV on promotions anyway. People return to places time and time again if they remember winning or lasting longer at a particular casino even if the money comes from promotions . Once they get stung one to many times they may go to a different location. the casinos need something to draw them back. Especially locals, locals are not always as dumb as we think, crappie drawings and promos are not fooling most people.
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