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I keep seeing reference all around to "high variance," "low variance" slots, but the one thing I almost never see are actual numbers to go along with these descriptors. I was wondering what a "high variance" or "low variance" slot's actual variance might be. Would it differ for a three-reel slot and a five-reel multi-line? Now, I'm aware that slots are black boxes (and watch as 4 or 5 replies patiently explain that slots are black boxes), but still, there must be a rough range that can be expected from machines of a given type. The only actual number I can find, anywhere, is σ = 8.74 from the House Edge page for "just one machine," which my guess would be was a three-reel game, because the "confidence intervals" bit from the Australian Reels par sheet suggests σ ~= 9.2. My guess would be most three-reel machines are somewhere in that "80 or so" range, but what about five-reel machines, or nine-line three reel machines? What would be "high" or "low" variance for them, just roughly?
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A while back, I tried to deconstruct slot games I could play for free as a "hobby"...feel free to laugh...or hire me...especially the latter.

I would also calculate the single line variance as well for some games.

"Texas Tina" - Payback: 95.67%...SD 9.71
"Texas Tea" - Payback: 98.41%...SD 8.15

Unfortunately these are the only two I did the SD for. I would think both of these are "low" variance.
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