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September 25th, 2013 at 12:46:48 PM permalink
Thought this was neat. Especially for younger generation players.
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Ali was the VP of R&D for IGT for many years and has lots of connections in the gaming field. His company currently does games for IGT on their platform.

The video overlay technology isn't new to gaming, a company called LVGI showed a similar product about 10 years ago. I don't think the features that he is showing are the future of gaming but the technology will be used. I see someone using it to introduce new games and gambling on already approved platforms from other manufacturers. A simple example would be someone playing Keno on the same machine while they are playing slots. I see many uses for this in the future that actually benefit the casinos bottom line instead of having people surf facebook while at a slot machine.
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Whatever is new today seems to be old within a year. So I am not willing to see anything as the future anymore.
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US 8371937

So... I looked it up and here it is... if anyone cares. Probably not, but a casualty of the 9-5 I decided to share.

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Printing boardingpasses on a slotmachine LOL.
The facebook integration is nice, posting a screenshot of your winning combination.
Yelp and other online services might be usefull, but I can use my phone for stuff like that.

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Casinos don't want people watching television on their video slot machines, nor do they want people printing boarding passes on their video slot machines. However, the Discover Card link-up may work if there's no additional fee and perhaps Caesars would be stupid enough to try adding advertisements to your gaming experience. I must say that the Giraffe walking by was a nice touch.
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Commercials on slot machines?

I guess we get what we deserve.
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Quote: MrV

Commercials on slot machines?

I guess we get what we deserve.

I was in Vegas for 6 full days last week. It never occurred to me to turn on the room TV. I was way too busy to bother with it. Can't imagine wanting to play on this type of slot. I already hate that they have multiple screens on the pit floors everywhere these days. I enjoy entering the playing zone without intrusions like that; let people go sit in the sports book if they want tv's.
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