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On March the 6th here are the number of entrants in Full Tilt's $5 + $1 Daily Double.

If you aren't familiar with this daily online tourney, players receive a bonus for cashing in both - and other bonus' are available ( a bonus is given to the player with the highest average finish in both). Here is the link...

A tourney: 1508 runners
B tourney: 1241 runners

So 267 players ponied up the extra 50 cent house vigorish in the 'A' and didn't play in the 'B', thereby forfeiting any chance at the jackpots that are paid for by that extra 50 cents.

Also, I'm sure there were other players that participated in the 'B' that didn't play in the 'A'.

That leaves aroud $150 ( (267 x .50) + B), of free cash poured into the jackpot.

Does that make this tourney an overlay since it is a $5 +$1 entry fee, and not the usual $5 + .5?

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