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Do you know the importance of Bankroll management? Bankroll management is a pillar of all professional poker player strategies. Your bankroll management strategy determines what bets you should play and when you should go up and down the bet. Take some time to determine the bankroll management strategy that suits your situation. If you are unsure of the decision you are about to make, this may have an impact on your bankroll.

Here are some bankroll management tips that can help you build your bankroll as quickly as possible:

1. Use the deposit bonus provided by different online poker sites. When you can double your initial deposit, you will build a large online roll.

2. Follow your BRM (Bankroll Management) strategy correctly and wisely. This means that if you are below the minimum amount of your BI, you must lower the amount. BRM is relatively easy compared to some of the more complicated poker concepts, so make sure you get the easy part first before you work on the more difficult aspects.

What leads us to a good bankroll management strategy is to always be sensitive to those around you and wise in making decisions. But the main thing to take home is that each player is different, so their bankroll management strategies will vary. There is no clear answer as this depends on the attitude of each in handling their Bankroll.

For example, if we want to play 100nl, we need at least 2000 to reduce our risk of ruin to an ‘acceptable’ level. But the risk of losing also depends on your winning rate which makes the actual number of numbers quite difficult. The higher your winning rate, the lower your bankroll needs.

Hopefully the above tips can help you a little to improve the weaknesses that are always faced by Poker players. This can also give you the confidence to play again if you are not confident to compete.
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10 buy ins and you are fine

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