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I am a long time user of the Poker Stars web site for 'play' money poker and tournaments. Recently I received a message that they no longer allow use by users from my location (Washington State) due to a recent judicial decision. From now on this will be violation of their terms of service.

Keep in mind that this is for play money games.
Does anyone have any experience with this issue?
Can anyone offer another poker site where play money games are competitive and fun?
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If I am reading the stories correctly, the Ninth Circuit ruled that "play money" is still considered "a thing of value" according to Revised Code of Washington section 9.46.0285, since winning means you can play longer, which means gambling with it is illegal in Washington state. The original case dealt with a site that charged to enter its "play money" site, but PokerStars and other sites like it are locking out Washington state residents "just in case."
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Then why aren't all token based games of chance banned? Especially games where you have to purchase tokens with cash to continue? This would include all casino sites with play money, myvegas and caesars slots as well.

Sound stupid
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Sometimes my state is embarrassing.
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