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I know the strategy in texas hold em changes according the number of players at the table or pot size. But in UTH should the strategy change due to the number of players at the table. My last few times playing I played the strategy as offerred by the Wiz and Discount Gambling and got my head handed to me. Especially on the trips bet are you bettter off with fewer players when making the trips bet or does it not matter? I know in Pai Gow poker the more players, the lower the edge on the envy bonus but that is becaause I can win off the other hands. In UTH with more players would it work the other way? I know when I play Black Jack in a heads up DBL deck game I have an advantage if the count goes positive because I get all the cards when the count is positive. Thanks for the help.
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No, the edge of the UTH bets does not change based on the number of the players. The only exception is that you may knock a small amount off the edge if you can see other players' cards and you change your strategy accordingly. This won't give you a positive EV. Rather it'll help you decide on some borderline plays.

Since you're not playing against the other players the Texas Hold 'Em analogy doesn't hold up. You're only playing against the dealer so it doesn't matter if the other cards get discarded or go to other players.

The Pai Gow envy bonus edge drops with more players since the chance to win an envy bonus goes up with each additional player. In UTH there are no pooled prizes or envy bonuses. You get paid the same on all bets regardless of the number of players and the probabilities of making each of the bonus hands doesn't change with the number of players.

If, and this is a very important IF, you're counting cards on a double-deck game and the count is positive then yes you're better of playing alone so that others don't eat your cards. If you're not counting cards then it doesn't matter since you'll also get all of the cards during a negative count as well. In UTH this doesn't matter since there isn't a count system and the deck is shuffled every hand.

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