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Hello, not many success stories out there to read wondering if anyone else has done this. Im a 24 year old living in Europe playing roulette. Casino I play at has only 0 not 00. so my chances are a better 3% instead of like 6%. Im going to show everyone how I made out this week. I have extra money from my high paying job so I have done this as a hobby. I'm only in casino for one week for my $14300 winnings . Do not stay longer! no when to stop! Here at my casino I can double my $ / chances 7 times which is different from some casinos in USA. I played about 48 games per day. About 9 games per table.

I always do $100 - $200 - $400 - $800 - $1600 - $3200 - $6400 Done. If I win any of those I stop. If i go to $$6400 and don't win thats a bummer and it happens :( no steak tonite

I always play red, this was todays $ maker!!!

I played 241 games this week.

Last 10 games so you get the point.

game 232: $100 on red (Loose) - $200 on red (Win) profit for game $100

game 233: $100 on red (win) profit for day $100

game 234 $100 on red (loose) - $200 on red (loose) $400 on red (win) profit for gave $100

game 235 $100 on red (win) profit for game $100

game 236 $100 on red (loose) $200 on red ( loose ) $400 on red (loose) getting scared... don't sweet it! $800 on red (win) profit for game $100

game 237 $100 on red (loose) $200 on red (win) $100 for game

game 238 $100 on red (win) $100 for game

game 239 $100 on red (loose) $200 on red (hit a 0 ) $400 on red (win) profit for game

game 240 $100 on red (win) profit for game $100

game 241 $100 on red (loose) $200 on red (win) $100 profit for game

as you can see the faster you hit red the better it is. don't stay at roulette table took long it will get you! these 5 games profit was good with a extra $500

you can see how game 236 could have been a awful $1500 hit, well believe it or not it does happen and it will once in a while but you must look at it in a large. It happens about 1 in 16 times out of my 241 games i have profited 14300. the chances of my getting black / green 7 times in a row is 128 to 1. (keep that in mind it has happened, just don't let it get to you) Must play strong and beet the system. It happened once to me putting me lower down in the slums it can happen to me 3 times before I loose any money. Make sure your playing hear in europe because we play only 0 not 00 and make sure you can double $ 7 times or your risk of loosing is to high.
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Somewhere in the world somebody discovers
the Marty every day and it's new and exciting all
over again.
"It's not enough to succeed, your friends must fail." Gore Vidal
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Quote: EvenBob

Somewhere in the world somebody discovers
the Marty every day and it's new and exciting all
over again.

Yes, it's exciting......umm...until it isn't anymore. Lol.

And that is what is so strange about THIS martingale episode. The OP clearly states that he has a 1 in 128 chance of losing all 7 bets, $12,700 (and by the way that 1 in 128 is assuming a true 50-50 game with no green). So he doesn't see a problem that he has had 240+ trials without experiencing this so called 1 in 128 'wipe out' trail.
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A Marty roulette system is as good as the rest.

It's amazing how one roulette bozo thinks his is better. Any legitimate roulette AP can be proven with math. If you can't show the math it's BS. Even roulette cheats can show their math.
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Quote: GaryAiken24

... once in a while but you must look at it in a large.

No. YOU must look at it in the large. It will happen more than 'once in a while' Wait for the week when you crash and burn 3, 4, 5 days in a row. Then report back. You are currently on the lucky side of the probability that you yourself calculated.

Leaving the table won't save you, because the ball will remember just as well where it landed last time, whether it's a minute ago or a week ago in a different casino. ( It won't remember at all, of course )

I watch guys like you crash and burn for real quite often. The casinos love you.
Take care out there. Spare a thought for the newly poor who were happy in their world just a few days ago, but whose whole way of life just collapsed..
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my standard response to the Marty:

wouldn't you rather press when you are winning, than when you are losing?
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I saw a martingaler on craps get busted out in a quick 2 maybe 3 minutes when there were six 7's in a row. He'd been playing for hours, doing just fine, making his $5 or $10 per shooter. Chance of six 7's in a row is (1/6)^6 = 0.00214%. That's about 1 out of 50,000. He said it's happened a few times before.

Saw another guy martingaling the field for a good 6 hours, but he was fun to talk to and easy to deal to. But as soon as someone mentioned, "You know, eventually you're gonna get f***ed", not a few minutes later there were 10 non-fields in a row and he quit (table maxed), dropped a quarter and some change for a tip, and watched to see what would'a happened had he kept playing. Another 2 or 3 non-fields in a row. He took it in good stride, and said he had fun for the night. He ended up not losing too much, though, since he had hit 2 or 12 a couple times with chunky bets out there (like 7'th or 8'th level of the martingale in the field).

Saw someone playing roulette and hit 7 reds in a row, he was martingaling on black.

Seen it plenty of more times, but those were the most memorable.

And just because it's a 1 in 500 chance or whatever it is, doesn't mean it's going to happen on the 500'th time. It could happen on the first time.

It's like driving while drunk. You might only have a 0.5% chance of getting a DUI, but if you keep driving when you're drunk, eventually, you're gonna get that DUI. Mathematically, you'd expect a DUI 1 in 200 times. If a taxi costs $20, that's $4,000 in taxi prices. Compare that to the fines and payments and AA classes [well those are free] plus everything else....paying $20 for a taxi is obviously the +EV move (or lesser -EV move).

But, do what you want. Just be prepared to get slaughtered every now and then.
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Quote: GaryAiken24

you can see how game 236 could have been a awful $1500 hit, well believe it or not it does happen and it will once in a while but you must look at it in a large. It happens about 1 in 16 times out of my 241 games i have profited 14300. the chances of my getting black / green 7 times in a row is 128 to 1.

Actually, it's (19/37)7 = slightly less than 1/107, but that's significant, as what is happening is, the house is betting $100 at 127-1 odds (since you win $100 with each win and lose $12,700 with seven consecutive losses) on an event that happens about once every 107 times, which means the house has the advantage.

If you don't win 127 games before you lose, then you lose money in the end - and the probability of winning 127 games in a row is (1 - (19/37)7)127, which is about 30%.

(Oh, and sorry about slamming the other version of this thread, but you should not post the same thread twice - otherwise, you get two different chains of responses.)
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can you guys please stop posting roulette systems, you are taking food out of my families mouths

as well as the juice to the loansharks so I can keep playing my system
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I don't play roulette much but was walking by a table the other day when I saw 4 blacks in a row and then a green. I stood by there and watched as 6 more blacks came in a row (11 with no red). That will keep me away from any martingale for awhile. Surprisingly I didn't hear anybody mention the lack of red and start betting on it. I think baccarat tends to be less streaky and there is a winner on every hand. In roulette, just when your up to your 6th bet, a green always comes up.

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