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June 4th, 2012 at 11:12:23 AM permalink
There is an Android app called "Crazy Casino" that has at least one rigged game, in your favour. The app is just for play money. You collect tickets which lets you unlock more slots and video machines.

The basic video poker offering is a 9/6 JoB machine with a skimpy royal payment. That game seems to be on the level based on experience and a 50 hand study.

After you earn enough tickets, you can unlock the Deuces wild game. It has an odd paytable, paying 5 instead of 4 for a 4 of a kind, but skimping on the royal again. The return should be about 1.02, except you must hold at least one card. I don't know how much this hurts, but it hurts some. I played simple deuces wild strategy for a regular paytable, and started cleaning up. Many 3oak pushes and more 4oak than i expected. I sat down and recorded 50 hands:

14 loses
22 3oak
14 straight or better (of which 7 were 4oak)

Expected results in 3 buckets:

chitest : 0.0004

After only 50 hands, I have a pretty convincing case the game is somehow letting me win. Not that it matters much that a play casino with no real money version to lure me in to is letting me win...
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