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I love Bodog and have been happily learning poker there for years. They have wonderful folks piloting their customer service and have been pleasant, polite and fair with me for over three years. Anyway, this ain't a Bodog rant. My question is why does "Ask the Wizard" endorse them (being an old fashioned odds shop).

If my math is correct, they are besting me by 0.56% - 0.57%. O.K., fair enough; they have to hit a soft seventeen so I have that going for me which is nice. My confusion lies with the posted odds for other online establishments. See:

Should this math all be correct, I'm getting the worst odds online. Suddenly, I am looking a bit anemic laying bets at Bodog's Blackjack table. Can you clarify if, when and where I have gone astray?

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Your math is correct, .53594% using the Wizard's calculator.

That said, I think the wizard picks Bodog for other reasons: reliability for payments, customer service, gaming platform, etc. A game that offers a better percentage is obviously better but it's useless if you can't get paid by the company or run into software problems.
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Quote: LowWater

They have to hit a soft seventeen so I have that going for me which is nice.

I'm not sure what you mean here. It is a house-friendly rule to hit soft 17. It shifts the edge in the player's favor by about 0.2% (M/L) if the house stands on soft 17.

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Quote: LowWater

I love Bodog... My question is why does "Ask the Wizard" endorse them?

Although the link isn't obvious on the main site, click the link under the ad on this page, or right here: Here are my reasons why and my promise of support.
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Bodog's blackjack offerings are poor compared to many other online casinos but they do offer other decent games to (partially) make up for it. Pontoon, which is similar to blackjack, offers a house edge of 0.39 and they have full-pay VP including pick'em at 99.95%. They also have European roulette and more-generous paytables on many of the carnival games.

As has been stated earlier in this thread the wizard endorses them for their excellent experience, which is often worth the small increase in house edge for blackjack players. This choice is yours however.

And was your hitting on soft 17 comment sarcastic? I really can't tell.

EDIT: I now see they have replaced Pontoon with European Blackjack, which appears to be a bit worse than their normal blackjack game due to the no-hole-card, doubling restriction and not offering surrender. At least this game does have the dealer stand on soft 17, but it should still be avoided in favor of the regular blackjack game.
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