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I recently started playing on Poker Stars with the help of pokertracker 3 and I noticed that many websites sell hand history databases for very decent prices. A lot of these offers seem too good to be true so I was a bit worried. Here are prices I found on one website:
1,000,000 Hands $48.00
2,000,000 Hands $96.00
3,000,000 Hands $144.00
5,000,000 Hands $195.00
10,000,000 Hands $300.00

This particular website claims that all of the 10 million hands were played this month and that the 5 million hands were all played this week. This is only for one particular type of game, $0.50/$1 no limit holdem, on Pokerstars. This particular website ranks in the top 10,000 most viewed websites on Alexa and is in the top 1,000 of several third world countries but I am still afraid of paying this kind of money for fake hand histories. Has anyone here had any experience purchasing hand histories for pokertracker?
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I think the data is legitimate. No reason it wouldn't be, as many sites make it available, in an effort to show transparency.

Not that you asked, but the use of products like this really bothers me. It gives the user a significant advantage against the non-user. Online poker is being ruined by products such as this, and in infestation of sharks.
"For with much wisdom comes much sorrow." -- Ecclesiastes 1:18 (NIV)
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