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In Real World Gambling you get comps if you bet heavy oms meals shows etc. Because the casinos on the net can't provide those things they pass out bonus money based on the amount of money you deposit. You can easily find 100% matches to a deposit you might make. Be very careful of these bonuses. They can be quite tricky and have more ground rules associated with than the federal income tax rules.

Many provide a bonus but exclude use of the bonus money on anything but slots. And (get this) if you play one of the forbidden games (craps roulette black jack etc)they make you forfeit your entire deposit and any winnings associated with the deposit. These ground rules called terms and conditions are hidden so well it can be difficult to find them. I advise you to call the casino if you can't find them.

In the responseable establishments the bonuses works like this.... Bonuses are recorded in a separate box on the web site (separate from your real deposit). As you bet the bonus money is used up first. If you win it goes into your real money account and if you lose it of course disappears. Each casino has their own version of how much money you have to play through to get it transferred to your real money account. I have seen some as high as 60x the deposit.

In the shady casinos it works like this....your bonus is held in a separate box like above but you are unable to play with the bonus money till you meet their "play thru" requirment. Real Life example(Golden Arch Casino)--deposit $500 and get a 2x bonus of $1000. The $1000 cannot even be used for betting till you play thru(bet) $15,000.That's 30x your original deposit. Then and only then is it released for you to use to play. In addition these rogue casinos(like Golden Arch) never allow you to redeem the bonus amount ever! You can use it to play and if you win the winning amount goes into your for real account. If you lose the money is deducted from your real money and bonus account. So it's not really a bonus at all because you never can cash it out.

I like to visit these casinos for fun just to see what kind of new trickery they have devised w in any given week. My advice to real cash players is to really check out any online casino before you get involved. There are independent sites on the net that can provide some decent advice and rankings as well as black lists for those casinos they feel are rogue like Golden Arch.
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Golden Arch Casino has been known for a long time as being Rogue, I don't even think they're open anymore.

I think you're talking about a sticky bonus. I've actually seen as high as a hundred fifty times wagering. is a good source to find casinos. If you stick to the places that have a good rating/ reputation you should be okay. It's not 100% foolproof, but for the most part you won't have any problems.
I have seen where they even warn you if the casino has tricky bonus rules or exclude certain games.
There's a considerable amount of free no deposit bonuses people can take advantage of if they are bored and have nothing to do. You might have to play 10 or more before you actually make $100 profit or so.
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