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:Of course. Except a billionaire martingaling might not be the best choice of guest.

sure he is, the casino can set their max bet so that the billionaire can't force them to over bet their bankroll.
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Quote: AxelWolf

Aside from bonuses, the only reason I can think of that they don't want you betting both sides of roulette online is because they cant gaff the RNG whenever you do that. They are not happy with 5%.

It's because back in the day, 888 and others offered 100%+ bonuses with 2x rollover. Word got out and tons of people started offsetting roulette bets and guaranteeing a win. The casinos should have figured out that the rollover requirements were way too low. Instead they decided it was the magical offsetting bets causing them to lose. So they added a restriction for offsetting bets. Whatever, their stupidity bought us bonus whores lots more time.

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