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So my friend who lives in another state has won 9 grand over the course of the last few months gambling on some website ... He was betting basketball and baseball ... I keep telling him to stop while he's ahead and he's not listening at all. I love this site with the description of all the odds he bets parlays and this sites odds are as follows

2 team - 2.5 to 1
3 team - 5.5 to 1
4 team - 10 to 1
5 team - 20 to 1
6 team - 35 to 1
7 team - 65 to 1
8 team -100 to 1
I'm sure they have higher team parlays but I don't know what they pay .

I've been trying to tell him with these odds it's almost impossible to win in the long run ... They also only use -110 money line odds instead of the popular -105 I've seen elsewhere but he's being stubborn and telling me he's already set up on this site and they pay fast blah blah blah ... What are you're guys thoughts on him being able to profit in the long term say over the course of the next couple years ? Lol he just sent me a pic of him hitting his $300 parlay tonight on Toronto / Toronto over / Texas I hope he's found his gold mine I just want to give him an informed opinion rather then just giving him a uninformed one
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Most likely just wining because he is running good, in the long run he will come back to earth and give it all back and then some. What site is he using?
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A sports event is not a random event -like a coin flip or like drawing a card randomly from a deck. There is no fundamental reason why someone cannot beat the sports-book line on a regular basis.

I have chatted on-line with people who bet on sports as a major source of income and who claim to have been winning every year (on average) for 15 years or more. I can't verify if what they say is true -but I believe it can be done.

But I don't believe it is easy. Of the few people I am aware of who claim to be long-term winners they are:
1. extremely analytical thinkers
2. work very hard at gathering and culling information (mostly from the internet, only rarely from TV and that involves studying game film, not watching SportsCenter, and sometimes from a network of people who have inside knowledge of the athletes or teams) to get an edge over the sportsbooks
3. Pick their bets very carefully
4. shop the line very diligently among many sportsbooks when it first comes out and monitor the line movement throughout the week, looking for an edge.

If your friend does not fit that profile (and you said that he does not shop for better odds/lines amongst multiple sportsbooks) then I am skeptical that he can win in the long run. Just my opinion.
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