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September 18th, 2019 at 8:06:48 AM permalink
I was surprised to hear the Seattle-area cardrooms mentioned on 2 previous GWAE episodes (the Q&A ep and the Anthony Curtis/Andrew Uyal ep).

Munch and Uyal both said it was a decent place to play if you are betting smaller - what I found interesting is no one mentioned the betting limits at these cardrooms. I think either it's by state law, or just very common, than most tables have max bet of $300. I guess the definition of "betting smaller" can vary, but it seems like in the early/medium stages of a card counter's career, this could start to get limiting.

The other thing is that Uyal mentioned the heat was low at these rooms. WOW, that definitely surprised me! Probably the short version is that I'm not a very good card counter, but I was backed off and flat bet at many of these rooms, mostly in the Washington Gold chain (Club Hollywood, Lucky Dragon, etc.). In addition to the back offs most dealers yell out "CHECKS PLAY" if you bet over $100, which may just be one of those things that counters get nervous about, that don't actually matter that much...

Anyone else from the Seattle area have thoughts? I don't live there now, but used to until 2015...and I found the characterization odd. I guess the large number of locations is an easy positive. And maybe they have opened more since I left.
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