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Quote: heatmap

Quote: OnceDear

the thing that gets me is the amount of time in between the articles. its like he couldnt really tell anyone for a specified period of time or something and then all of a sudden bam we get changing stories. its like a person on the stand who was compelled by someone who was threatening them and then there is no longer a threat and they change their story. <- all speculation though and makes for a cool story in my mind ;)

It is my belief that he did not tell the true story while there was still a chance he could get the same deal with another company.

Once he realized that nobody would make the deal, he spoke about it.

But what do I know?
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I think he also said one of the main reasons he was able to get away with these ridiculous advantages is that he did all this during the Great Recession when casinos were hurting for business.

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