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In a dice control experiment, I shot 100 times trying to avoid 7's and get inside numbers and hard 6 and 8. I got 12 sevens, 10 hard 6s and 8 hard 8's in 100 throws. What would the pass line bet edge be? Hard #'s edge be? I don't recall how many easy 6/8 I got, but most of the numbers were inside and 2/3 of the 7's were the 4/3 combo so I could have used that hop 7 to insure. Usually, I get mostly 4/3 sevens, but the extreme results on hardways makes me wonder.

My lifetime results only show a small pass line edge, but I have made half of the 4 and 10 points (1/3 is expected) so that one has a big edge for me over the long term of several years.
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