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March 10th, 2012 at 1:00:53 PM permalink
The wife and I went up to Central City/Blackhawk last night. I wanted to check out The Reserve remodel so we went to Central City instead of our usual Golden Mardi Gras in black hawk. We weren't impressed with the reserve and ended up at a $3 table 10x odds at Johnny Z's. After three hours we go broke.

About to head home but my wife has a $5 dollar chip to Golden Mardi Gras and insists we stop buy for at least a drink (she's buzzing pretty good by this time.) She intended to donate the chip on the roulette table but the $10 minimum prevented that. We find a craps table that has all our favorite dealers on it, and decide on a $5 pass line bet. Shooter establishs a point of 8 and hits within a couple rolls. Next point is 10. $5 dollar pass line with $5 odds, point hits. A couple of come out 7's and Yo's and we are in business. Wifey maintains a bankroll of around $50 for 2 hours. It's late table is dying, only three players and my wife can't roll to save her life. One player is hot and everyone keeps passing to him. We call it a night when she gets up to $160. So a $5 chip into $160 in 2 1/2 hours.... Not bad.

So has anyone else been down to their last chip and staged a nice little comeback?
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I don't think I can count it as "down to the last chip" like you guys but I have had my final bet on the board for a losing trip and turned things around nicely.

Sounds like you had a good time!!
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I've turned my last $20 into $200 on the crap table a few times...
Shit, last night I got scalded for $1300 at the crap table...if I could turn $300 into $1000 tonight I'll be happy as hell!
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Back when I was a broke college kid me and a buddy took a bus from So. Calif. for an eight hour stay at the old Marina hotel. We left there and ended up at the Desert Inn. We wanted to try craps as we had only played once or twice before, but their minimum was $5 which was steep for us. Since we had maybe an hour left before we had to get back to the Marina to catch the bus home we went ahead and bought in for what we had left, maybe $40 each.

After about ten minutes we were both down to one $5 chip each and my friend Pete got the dice. He held the dice for maybe 40 minutes...making at least 12 passes...yet we only won about $300 each cuz we didn't understand place bets or odds. When he finally sevened out we had lost track of time, rushed to cash out and taxi back to the Marina, where the bus was waiting for two college kids to show up before it could depart hehe.

No, I have never been at a table since where a shooter made 12 passes, but I keep hoping!
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I spent Wednesday night at Harrah's Rincon. I lost about $600 on Wed. night. I got up early Thursday morning and grabed another $240 out of the atm and decided to go big or go home. I sat down at the $100 midi bacc table and procceeded to run it up to $1700 betting banker every few hands. That was the best I've done in a while.
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March 10th, 2012 at 5:43:40 PM permalink
I once turned my last $10 to $700.
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I have posted this story before but I was in Caesars LV and it was our last night in town. The fellow I was with wanted to play roulette so I put the last of my chips on a few rolls, nothing. My friend was hitting a few numbers so I sat with him having a nite cap intending to go to bed when the drink was done as we were flying out early in the morning. While sitting there I found a $5 chip in my pocket that I had previously missed. Put it on 32 and hit. Took my winnings for one last go at the craps table where I had been beaten up all trip. Table got hot and I went to bed with $3500 and flew out in the morning with it, up for the trip.
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Doesn't really count as my last chip, but a few years ago in Vegas, at Paris, I was playing craps on my last night there. I had started about 10 PM, and we were leaving for the airport at 9:30 AM. I was down about 1700 for the trip, and was playing with my last 300. I had the last of my money on the table around 2:00 AM, but made enough to keep playing. About 3:00AM I was down to $120, and decided instead of bleeding away I would go for it. So I put $120 on the place 8. Winner, and down. Shooter outs, so a good move. Now I have $260. Wait a few rolls, and put $180 on the place 8. Winner, and down. Now I have $470, so I go back to playing my normal way. Then about 5:00AM four guys from the mid east stop at the table and start rolling, and the one guy is a 6/8 machine. From then to 8:00 I start making a run. I head up to the room to shower, pack, and checkout. With 15 minutes to spare, I go back to the table, and bet the 6/8. The shooter makes $225 for me on the 6/8. I stay up as long as I can, and then take it down. OF course the shooter 7 outs on the next roll. The shooter must have said something about me coming down while he was rolling good, as I heard the dealer reply, "No, he's not like that. He's a straight shooter, been playing all night, and he has a flight to get to." Having the dealer stick up for me felt good.
So, I took my last bet of $120 and turned it into a $2,225 finish, for a $225 trip profit. That was my first big win at a craps session. From there, my next 4 craps sessions over the next year all had similar themes, with progressively bigger session wins coming each trip. It all ended at Caesars a year later, when I managed to go up 3K in the first 1.5 days of play, only to end by losing 6K over the next 4 days
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Fortune Valley was supposed to turn into a Hard Rock Casino, With a name rock star and grand opening last July. Something went haywire. I suspect that Red Dolly has shallow pockets after buying the property at a bankruptcy sale. A similar fate befell dan Cooper and the Eureka Casino when he bought Otto"s for a Million at a bankruptcy sale. Now both are closed and Dan was barred for several years . I think he had his hands in a cookie jar trying to keep things afloat.
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March 10th, 2012 at 8:46:36 PM permalink
Was at Harrahs Rincon last Friday night. Bought in for 200 at the craps table and colored out 2,148. Happened around 2am Saturday morning...only player on the table. Pretty sweet considering Rincon uses cards for their craps game. How often you out at Rincon bigfoot66?
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