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April 27th, 2011 at 8:42:16 AM permalink
They are made by Shufflemaster, however it's a "Vegas Star Gaming" subsidary I believe..
They have one at Black Oak Casino in Sonora, CA. (Actually Toulemne, but close enough)
When I first played it, I absolutely made a KILLING..but then I went back and I got KILLED...just a RNG programmed into it, not much different than an actual dice table.
Gambling calls to me...like this ~> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Nap37mNSmQ
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Yep, they had one at my local for a while: $1 minimum with 3x4x5x odds. I played $1 with max odds every throw and did not have one winning session. Just a complete beatdown.

Then they raised the minimum to $5, so I don't play anymore. That's money I won't be getting back (from that machine, anyway).

Edit: far less entertaining than live craps.
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Would you guys who have played video craps say it is more entertaining than live craps or less, overall?
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No question live craps is more entertaining.

But if you start looking at the cost of entertainment, I would put the $1 video craps I played as more entertaining than some $1 slot machine.

Now if only we could bring back the days of live quarter craps at the Silver City (I think). And I don't mean quarter as in $25 green chip, I mean actual quarter, i.e. 25 cent chips.
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I have never played video craps, but I did see it at a (now-closed) California tribal casino just across the state line from Yuma. I expressed my (perhaps irrational) reservations about this game in this post. I don't think I would find video craps very entertaining though some day I will give Rapid Craps a try.

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