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After watching hours of Youtube Videos learning how to play craps and using the Wizards computer game simulations, most of you know I tried my luck playing live a few weeks ago. I had to tweak my strategy a few times after a couple of losing sessions. I've played a total of 7 live sessions, and the last three, I'm on a $7100 run. $1800, $2500 & $2800 wins.. All playing the Don't. However, the swings are huge. The key is surviving the long rolls!
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That is a great run!! How are you betting? Table minimum or higher? Sticking to 3,4,5x odds tables or 10x? What is your strategy?
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Playing the Donít allows you to lay 6X behind every number. I wonít get into specifics on exactly how I have been doing it but 99% of the players do not have the discipline to do what Iím doing because my system is too much of a grind and very boring. My sessions average about 8hrs and requires a $1000-1200 buy in and willing to dig a little deeper if you encounter a real long roll. Iím not sold on my system yet because my sample size is too small but a real good craps dealer whoís been working for decades had said my system is one of the best heís seen and makes him want to go play it. Iím planning to put in a couple more sessions this weekend, letís see how it goes.
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Good luck and keep us posted.
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To make sure you get full payment on your dark side odds: Odds on the 4/10 should be even. Odds on the 5/9 should be divisible by 3. Odds on the 6/8 should be divisible by 6.

Thereís no rule that things should be in $6 increments. But since 6 meets all three tests (6 is even and divisible by 3 and 6), itís a safe multiple for you to use on any of the point numbers.

If a table is 10x odds across the board (as opposed to 3/4/5) your max dark side odds should be: 20x on the 4/10; 15x on the 5/9; and 12x on the 6/8. Because those are what would return 10x on the win.*

*I have never played dark side at a 10x table, so this may be wrong. But itís the logic from 3/4/5 odds applied to 10x.

He is 100% correct.

At my local casino, there is a guy that no dealers or players like. He is a moron and doesn't know any of the payouts for the don't bets. He also constantly hussle's players for tips. So when he is on my side of the table, I will lay weird amounts like $42 or $54 just to mess him up and make him work. When he goes to break the other dealers always get a kick out of it. I also make sure that I do my tips while he is at break.
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Most casinos poop their tips sp that gesture accomplishes little.
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I know they share tips.

Here's what it accomplishes...

I tip because I like all the other dealers. He doesn't know I tip. He thinks I'm a jerk.

The other dealers don't like him, so they get a kick out of it.

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