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Shooter rolls the dice and one ends up leaning against some chips. I'm viewing it from the side and it looks perfectly straight-up-and-down. 1 or 5 is not leaning more one way. No roll?

The other die is 2. So it's either a 7 out, craps or a no roll.

How do you best of determine the call?

It happened to me. The dealers (new & in training) called 7 because the stick couldn't see the die! As soon as I saw the die I yelled "hold it" But the stick, hearing 7, just grabbed the die so no discussion was possible. The stick that day was also new and in training!

Thank you.
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Thanks for this post from:
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Was it leaning against one stack of chips, or two?

If one, then the rule is to imagine that obstruction being slowly removed, or that it’s ice that is slowly melting. Which way will the die fall?

Since it’s leaning against those chips, it will fall in that direction.

However if it’s leaning it’s two stacks then we don’t really know which way it will fall and that’s why a two stack lean is no roll.

It’s also why dealers tend to make sure that there is a space of two fingers between most bets - to remove the chance of a die doing the two stack lean.
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I was once in a similar situation.

I was at a crowded table but I was the only one playing from the Don't Pass side.

I had a $25 don't pass bet. A point was established. The shooter was at the far end of the table. One of the dice landed on edge on a chip in front of me. The Dealer called "7 Out". This meant I won my Don't Pass bet.

Before the stick man could get the dice, all the players protested that it was not a 7 out. Some were even banging the table hoping the die would fall off the chip.

They called the Pit Boss over and he looked at the Die. I think to make everyone happy he called "No Role". I looked at the Pit Boss and said "You know that was a 7 out." He agreed and told the dealer to pay me $25.

I thanked the Pit Boss and picked up my chips and went to another table.
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The "remove the obstruction" response is correct but sometimes dealers dont or call it wrong.

There was an incident at Caesars Palace some 15 or 20 years ago that was discussed either on this forum or the LV Advisor forum where all of the players objected to a call of 7 out from a leaning die and no player would pick up the dice to start a new roll.

If I remember correctly this players strike went on for something like a half hour and forced the casino to shut the table.

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