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Quote: TDVegas

Quote: daveyandersen1

I'm not bragging just happy when I tell this.. I actually rolled 88 times tonite at a Boyd Casino... Best ever in my life of craps[over30 yrs].. one of the guys at this ROLL TO WIN table made 4or 5 grand.. I'm sure there have been better rolls by some of the folks here But this was FUN!!! sooo good luck to all...

Looks like fun. A little laser fun combined with real dice craps.

These games, if they become popular have a BIG advantage over traditional craps. 1 person to run the game. Casinos were already tightening the employee count before covid. This game can be a cash cow by effectively eliminating 2 dealers and a box man. My guess is that it can also run more rolls per hour.

Your 100% correct about this game the fact that it eliminates jobs is why it took me awhile to accept the inevitable.. I' m an old union backer BUT times are changing and not always for the betterment of workers SO I tip more..

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