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William Lee Bergstrom placed a craps bet at Binions Horseshoe for $777,000 back in 1980 and won. I was surprised to read it was a don't pass. 6 was the point and shooter sevens out. He returned later that year and won again for the same amount.

Larry returns in 1984 to bet $538,000 and won on the don't.

November of 84 Larry returns with $1,000,000 and loses on the don't pass. Shooter rolls a 7 on the come out.

Committed suicide a year later either because he borrowed the money or his male lover left him.

So, is the Bergstrom million the largest VEGAS TABLE GAME SINGLE BET ever made? No sports betting or poker please. Example: one roulette spin or one hand of baccarat. Unless you know another one bet table game. I guess BJ would be acceptable as long as it was just one hand.

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I'm guessing I would need a $20 million Line Of Credit if I was gonna bet $800K (25x bet = LOC).

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