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Hi Craps Friends,
I call you"Friends" because I know you're always willing to help me out when I've got a question. ( I feel like I should already know the answer to these questions --but am not certain )

First question: At the Come Out roll of a new game, I put $10 on the Pass Line. If I also put $2 on the Craps, which pays 8 to 1, and a number is rolled, say a 6, I lose my $2 Craps bet. But if a 2, 3, or 12 rolls, I lose my $10 Pass Line bet and win HOW MUCH? $14, $15, or $16?

And secondly, if a Craps number rolls on the Come Out,,
I win the $2 Craps hedge bet ( $14, $15, or $16 ) and since I won does that $2 Craps bet stay, or do I lose it? I know these are usually one roll bets.

Thanks for your clarification.......
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Despite some casinos using x FOR 1 terminology on the felt, winning bets stay up. (Except for the Repeater and All/Tall/Small.)

How much depends on the casino. There you need to read the felt - and subtract 1 if they use x FOR 1.
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Any Craps pays 7 to 1, or 8 for 1. So a $2 bet would win $14, and your bet remains up. If you want to take your bet down, ask for your bet back to get the $2 back.
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Quote: 90crapsplayer66

If I also put $2 on the Craps, which pays 8 to 1

I doubt the 'Any Craps' has ever paid 8 to 1 on a US casino type craps table.
That would make the house edge 0% for that bet. (chance to win is 4/36=1/9 or 8:1 against)

you need to pay attention to the Layout and what specifically it says (printed on it). Most say '7 to 1' (for the Any Craps)
that means, on a win, 7 to your 1 wager.
you wager 2, so 14 to 2 is the payoff and your bet stays up. You can ask for it back (down).
$14(to you) and still up to win or $16 and down.

some Layouts use the 'for' wording, 8 for 1. That means (and is very old school but is found at many real Craps tables) that they 'give you' 8 for every 1 you wager (8 for your 1) and they keep your wager. $16 and down or tell them you still want the wager up, so $14(to you) and still up to win

Most casinos will have your winning wager kept 'up' to win again, unless you ask for it back
I think 'shoot to win' craps machine, the bet always comes down on a win, and some might not know that happened.
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