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One reason I like to play craps is that you can get into some entertaining conversations with your fellow players. I'm hoping if I get the ball rolling others will add from their encounters. To that end...

My wife and I were at Moheghan this weekend. Saturday evening I was playing craps at a table that was fairly lively with several shooters having quite respectable runs. I was pretty focused on the action when I felt my wallet being pulled from my back pocket. I assumed (correctly) it was my wife so I ignored it it. A minute later my wallet, now $20 lighter, was re-inserted into my pocket. The fellow to my right watched the encounter and then laughed, commenting on the ability of wives to find various ways to profit from the action in the casino. He then told me about earlier in the day seeing a husband and wife playing a slot together, apparently without much luck. As they got towards the bottom of their available funds, the husband went off to the ATM to replenish the bankroll while the wife continued playing. While he was gone, the missus hit for $200. She printed off the ticket, then quickly stashed it in her pocket. A minute latter, hubby returned and asked if she had any luck. "Nope" she replied, "I lost it all."
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I don't have any specific stories, but all I know is playing at a table full of old Asian dudes is usually a hoot, especially if they've been drinking.
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My favorite is this guy at a $3 BJ table who was bragging about being a private pilot and how he piloted all these famous rich people. Pitboss overheard him, came over and said he was a fellow pilot and asked him what appeared to be a pretty basic question and the guy couldn't answer. Pit guy hung around just long enough for everyone to see the guy was full of it.
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