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Quote: Dendinger87

Hope I didnít put this in the wrong place Iím new here, so I apologize if I did. Normally with the iron cross you have the 5,6, 8with place bets and a field bet. What if you did the same place bets but with a $4 horn instead of a field bet? The only time you really lose is on 4 9 10 or ďitĒ. Anyone ever try this method? I feel like the pay outs on 2,3,11,12 make it a lot more exciting.

Short answer. Don't bother (I'be been there and done that, Unfortunately I didn't win enough to buy the T-Shirt.

First off, yes you can hit the horn numbers 3 in a row many times, but not close together to make it worth while.
Second, The field has many consecutive wins of 3 in a row and are more closer together but yet still not close enough to balance your books in the chip tray department.

I figured I would give it a try, and played the pass line to cover the point along with the remaining 5 numbers.
My mission was to take part or all my profits and place them on the horn or horn high or just 3 way depending on what was trending.
after a win I would up my center bets by 50% in hopes for a repeater and thus would pay off much better than the field bet.

I did this for quite a few weeks even though it never went anywhere, it was entertaining for sure because you got paid from any number but 7.

Long story short, scroll up for answer.
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