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New poster on the forum but have been playing craps for 5 years or so. My question is what strategy do you use to ensure that you have longer playing sessions. I am able to make 4-5 casino trips a year and want to maximize my playing time while having enough action to stay involved. I do not want to stand around waiting on a pass line bet only.

I normally play pass line with double odds and place the 6 and 8. I will place 5 and 9 if the table is hot. Last couple of trips I have started pressing my place bets a unit after I have a win on the shooter but that just seems to increase my variance. I also bet two way hardways on all even points.

I have considered 3 point molly for my upcoming Vegas trip but have not played it yet. It seems that this would be less volatile but I haven't found a comparison of the 2 ways of playing online.

I would also consider other strategies but do not intend to play the dark side.

Thanks for your help!
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Read Richard Orlyn's book.

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