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Quote: ThatDonGuy

After simulating 1 billion (with a B) runs:

With bet replacement, you reach 123 or higher before a seven 34.53% of the time

so i went and calculated this to celebrate my OVER on the baseball game today

and i get
to win at least $123

and when the bankroll goes below $122
i just set it to bet it all on the pass line and scream!
to get at least back to $122
that probability to win at least $123 = 0.431048616

about what i 1st thought about 45% should due, with something in-bet-ween

so it looks to be about the same (give-or-take) as just betting the Field for one roll
the probability of success that is
wants comps and other stuff 2
wish all the luck and fun for that
from me Excel
took about 2 minutes and was fun!

I Heart Vi Hart

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