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Quote: 2farmboyz

what is the house advantage if I bet the passline and also place a bet on 6 and 8 plus bet the field after every throw

i agree more info is needed to answer your title and post Q.

you start with a pass line bet say
and no other bets because the dice have yet to be thrown
"also place a bet on 6 and 8 plus bet the field after every throw"

now after the 1st throw (roll)
you make a place 6&8
do you always do this on a come out roll?
are your place bets always OFF on the come out roll? (default rules of game)
you also make a Field bet after the 1st throw (roll)
does the Field bet pay 2X on the 2 or 12?
this will matter

now say the 1st roll results in a 6
the point is 6
do you still have a place 6 bet to make and work?
this seems like a real awful play, in my opinion, as an odds bet would B the better bet (by house edge of course)

in other words
how exactly do you wants to play each and every throw (roll)
the come out rolls and the point rolls?

thanks for asking this Q

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Quote: Ahigh

If you bet the same amount on each of the six, eight, and field, the edge per roll is easy to remember.

It's 1.23456789%

Who'd a thunk it?

It's actually 1.23456790123456790123...

No 8.
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Quote: Steen

is it really EVERY roll you're so concerned about?

I almost never pick up a bet, so looking at it per roll makes no sense for me - outside of the recognition that time elapses differently. A lot of guys move their bets around, so per roll might be how they want to look at it.
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its all in the numbers....
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Thanks Ahigh I know my question wasn't particularly clear but I think you understood it as I intended it thanks for the information and thanks everybody else who posted
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Your welcome, buddy.
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I have a casino hoist friend that plays that way and has for ne bets anywhere from
$120 on the 6 & 8 and $50 on the field to $1600 6 & 8 and couple hundred on the field.

Now he uses the wins on the field to press the 6 & 8.

In 20 years I have not seen him win, he says he does.

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The better bets are the Pass (or Come, ignoring the Don't being even better bets) and the Place 6 or 8s. As has been suggested for staying at the table longest for your money it's a close thing between the Pass and Place bets because the Place bet doesn't work on the come out. Of course the advantage of the Pass is you don't choose the numbers, whereas sod's law says if you Place the 6 then there will be lots of 8s.
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Quote: dicesitter

In 20 years I have not seen him win, he says he does.


This is very common and this is exactly what most DI's do.

This is probably how we got the myth of the Captain. He was probably a real person, but everything was probably exaggerated. I'm sure he won sometimes and people probably seen him winning sometimes. They probably didn't see all the times he lost. If you play long enough, eventually you will have winning sessions that make you look like a craps god.

But, he was probably just a degenerate craps player who used DI as an excuse to justify playing. Had he been around today, he probably would have jumped on the bias dice camp, using it as a reason he couldn't win anymore.

DI is the perfect crime/system. It involves a game that's very interesting and fun for most people. There's enough going on to make it complicated. It's got long shot odds and many bets to chose from. Its considered a mans man game of gambling. It's almost like people believe there's something special about being good at craps. It's a low house edge on some bets really help. Its far less complicated than counting cards. You're interacting with other people, you can be a hero, or a villain. It seems as if you control your own fate.

DI sounds very possible (I thought it might be at the beginning). Even some credible people thought it might be at the beginning. No one can prove 100% that it's impossible. When people are winning they believe its the DI making it happen. When people are losing, it can be explained away with with many excuses such as: Its just variance, you need more practice, there were to may distractions, you're having an off day, chips got in the way, bad table conditions, biased dice are being used.

What a racket they have with DI classes. Especially if they take the players out to play and get afterglow fees, or whatever they call it.

Half the time they probably win. So they claim it's the DI working and get extra money, if they lose, they claim it's just variance.
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Axelwolf....... I did not say he was a DI in fact he is not only not one I have seen him place a
$1600 6 and a $1600 8 and $200 field bet and stand and throw backwards....he in 20 years has made no
attempt what so ever to even throw in the same place.

It appears you took a great of time to say nothing.


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