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Quote: betwthelines

...they also will, get this, NOT ALLOW you to bet $5 on the 6 or 8...No. it HAS TO BE increments of $6...

substantially but not completely accurate: only the first increment needs to be $ are "allowed" to go, for example, $10 but, or course would only be paid flat on $4 of it...tom p
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why not allow a $5 bet and pay $5 on the win?

btw I don't get what the player advantage bit is?
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the player advantage is that on the odds portion of the bet the casino will pay you exactly what the odds of rolling the dice are. In the case of the eight and six it is 6 to 5. because you can roll the seven six ways and the eight only five ways. they dont take any winning away from you. but on the place bets they only pay 7 for every six which is not the true odds.
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