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Looking for comments on a situation encountered last night.

Background: Have played craps for 20+ years, buy-in for $2K, right-way player, relatively quiet, tip when ahead or after a big roll or the dealer 'saves' me in some way.

Situation: Walked up to a table, went to an open rail spot, corner spot, about 3 right of the stick. There were no other openings on this table and the other pits were full. The shooter was to my LEFT, two guys were to my right. The shooter was actually in the 1-spot, stick right, but was leaning over in a way that allowed him to do full arm lob but blocked the 2 spot. As soon as I stepped into the 3-spot, the guy to my right starts jabbering and telling me to 'back off', a hot roll was in progress. Note that I did not drop money, interact with the dealers, talk to anyone, put chips or hands on the rail, jostle, or talk to the shooter; my intent was to wait for the next resolution. To be honest, the shooter didn't even see me and was just doing his little dice ritual. (Lots of rerolling until a seven comes up AND THEN making his roll.)

Outcome: I just stood there, in the 3-spot, as I did intend to play but the guy's jabbering started to annoy me. I did not want to start roaming the floor looking for another dice pit opening, nor did I want to 'stand back' five-six feet where the guy to my right was trying to wave me to. The shooter 7'ed out at which point I threw my player card and cash down and proceeded to play. Needless to say, the guy to my right lit up and started trash-talking. (Shooter was oblivious, he was just reorganizing his chips.) I felt that the player to my right was just having a bad night or thought I was a flea so, but after listening to more of his whining, including a comment about 'where do these people come from' comment to the table, I couldn't ignore it any longer and we proceeded to 'exchange words'. (No yelling or cursing on my part.) This resulted in him shutting up and leaving by the time the dice got to me. The dealers were laughing, they knew me, but I felt like I could have handled it better.

Any suggestions as to how to politely tell someone that you're going to ignore their superstitions? (I grant that it's possible I was indeed violating some arcane etiquette but, at a certain level, I don't care, it's Saturday night and I came to play and the dealers didn't have a problem.)
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You handled it just fine.

You kept quiet til the barking little dog got personal and directed his paranoid rant directly toward you, at which point you politely but firmly defended yourself, thereby shaming him to leaving; had he stayed at the table he feared that he'd have to endure more well-crafted attacks on his fundamental belief system.

Ah, craps.
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It sounds like the other guy was going to be a jagoff no matter how you came to the table. If a table is crowded and in a roll I kind of just try to touch the rail with one hand and stay quiet. Sort of like putting your quarter on the Donkey Kong machine when someone was playing in the 1980s. Says, "I'm not trying to interrupt but I want to reserve my spot."

If at this point the guy is still being jerkey I would just state that I was trying to get on-deck for the next roll. If he is yet still being belligerent then not much you can do.

To me as long as you are not interrupting and trying to buy-in during a roll or doing something else plain stupid (e.g: lay a DP after an established point) then I see minimal problem.
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Quote: gregorit

> tip when ahead or after a big roll or the dealer 'saves' me in some way.

That is fine, but if you START with a tip they may be more alert to saving you in some way.

>Walked up to a table, went to an open rail spot, corner spot, about 3 right of the stick
Ain't no "about" involved.... Dealer will refer to you as My Three or My Four but never "about". It goes by where your chip rack is, not by where your torso is or feet are.

> As soon as I stepped into the 3-spot, the guy to my right starts jabbering and telling me to 'back off',
If a dealer, stickman or boxman starts jabbering ... pay attention.

If another player starts jabbering at you as she undoes a few buttons and takes out her key card and points upwards to where the hotel rooms are located, pay attention.

Otherwise, don't pay any attention to other players. They will not redeem your losses if they anger or distract you and they are not the ones who pay you if you win.
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A simple "I don't care" or "Okay?" always seem to work fine for me. Or come up with something creative.
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From what you wrote you dId nothing wrong.

When I read reports like this I wonder what "the other guy" would say?

Personally I would stand back from the table rather than stand next to or be the player closest to the shooter. If the shooter swung his arm wide perhaps you did get in his space.

One rule I follow is never crowd the shooter. Its not superstition -- it's manners.
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I wont buy in during a roll, and like Alan said I wont get to close to the shooter. I find as I get older I have a lot less patience
with people, and if the jerk that was mouthing off at me during the roll said something after the roll, I may comment that is would have
been nice if he had remained quite so the guy could roll.

Sadly the craps table is a reflection of life, people that are disrespectful on the table are just like that in other
areas of life.

I think you handled it about as well as you could.

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The guy was probably having a bad day (at the tables or otherwise) and was looking for any reason to mouth off. I had a very similar scenario happen to me. Just arrived at the casino one time (I have to travel, so I get a little excited until I'm working on that first shoe), noted that most of the tables were full, but spotted an open seat, at third base, on one table. The player to the immediate right was sitting in such a way that he was "flowing over" into the space where third base would sit, but he was NOT playing the spot. I moved behind the 3rd base chair with the intent of simply sitting down to observe, as well as to reserve my spot at 3rd for the next shoe, when I was met with an abrupt "Really man?!?, Really?!?" I ignored the troll, sat down, and observed as he blew through the remainder of his buy-in in the next few hands, after which, he got up and left. I, like you, will not buy-in while a game is in progress, unless invited to do so by other players. Think your etiquette is fine and you handled it fine.

A little off-topic but, when I was new to craps, I was experimenting with different rolls. Once in particular, I was throwing the dice real hard, where they would bounce around at the end of the table pretty good before coming to rest. I had seen some folks have some longer rolls like this, so gave it a try myself. After a few rolls, I sevened-out. A player to my right a couple of spaces stepped back and addressed me, "see what happens when you roll the dice too hard?" I just acknowledged his statement and went on with my game. Later, I thought of the perfect comeback - "Remind me, what's the last number you rolled?" Wish I had thought to say that at the time! Dammit, always think of good comebacks too late!

Oh well, I'm prepared for next time! Best of luck to all!
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What's the last number you rolled?

Ahahahaaa! That's awesome. I'll definitely use it sometime.
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I don't have a lot of craps experience but I think you handled yourself just fine, and the other guy was being an ass. You never know what happened before you got there; maybe the guy ahead of you on the corner WAS an interfering ass and the jagoff was being proactive (NO excuse, but possible they just ran a jerk off from there and you got the blowback). Short of that, I can't imagine what the guy to your right was thinking; maybe he was auditioning for hall monitor or something.

There was a spot; you didn't impede the game. As said above, you had every right to be there and violated no etiquette I'm aware of.
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