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Last night a friend wanted to play dice, and so I joined him. Since i didn't have a lot of cash, I decided to play (OMG!) single odds on a simple passline bet at this $5 table. I am so glad I did, in the end, because the table was "choppy" , and i had a blast just watching the players and the game. Only when I was the shooter did i bump the variance up by going with 2-3x odds and adding come bets. In the end I won some cash on a silly hard way bet i threw in there in the heat of the moment (hey its fun), and it all worked out well. Nothing wrong with playing a little low variance dice once in a while, and it can be fun! I just wanted to share this observation: Pick a low variance baseline, and bump it up now and then, rather then run high variance the whole time. Your playing time will be longer and it seems like just as much fun to me.
"Mathematical expectation has nothing to do with results." (Sklansky, Theory of Poker).
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Your hourly expected loss is exactly the same, and I'm a poor gambler, so I'm definitely cool with it.
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Quote: DrEntropy

Your playing time will be longer and it seems like just as much fun to me.

That would be the reason I gamble; because it's fun. The moment it's not fun is just before the moment I walk away.
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There's a certain argument to be made about "just stay below 1% HE" ... especially to stand there and grind it out like most of us craps players do at least at times
the next time Dame Fortune toys with your heart, your soul and your wallet, raise your glass and praise her thus: “Thanks for nothing, you cold-hearted, evil, damnable, nefarious, low-life, malicious monster from Hell!” She is, after all, stone deaf. ... Arnold Snyder
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I usually play like that, if at all, or with no odds at all; $5 with single odds can make quick work of $100 at a "cold table," and there's only so much I'm willing to risk on such a game as craps.
The trick to poker is learning not to beat yourself up for your mistakes too much, and certainly not too little, but just the right amount.
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Quote: 24Bingo

$5 with single odds can make quick work of $100 at a "cold table," and there's only so much I'm willing to risk on such a game as craps.

Even "single odds" can be viewed as a marketing gimmick:
Pssst! Hey Mac,,,, there is a bet they don't even put on the layout 'cause they don't want you to know about it.
Its called Free Odds... it lets you bet at No House Edge... now don't get me wrong, there ain't no player edge either, its the only Fair Bet in the entire casino.
Hire a cooler? Why? Just have the mob hire a few touts like that twenty years ago and you've now got an army of players what plunk down more and more of their bankroll and thus making way for fresh players, even if they are grinders as well.

The key is cold table. Thats when the casino has to make money 'cause its going to paying it out when the table gets hot.
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My "new way" of playing is minimum pass line bet and max bet on the "firebet" just in case lightning strikes. With the passline bet you can cheer just like the big money guys, but the admission price to the show is much less.

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