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We control over-consumption pretty well. There are several uniformed and plainclothed police officers in the tent from open to close. If they see someone who appears drunk, they approach that person. Plus, anybody that serves alcohol in Michigan must be TIPS certified by the State. Lastly, every person at the entire event has to enter and exit via the same gate. There are tons of police at the gate at all times.

Again, I see this entire thing as a big plus for us. Many times a person will make an initial buy-in early in the night of say, $100. If they bust out an hour or so later, they'll come back to the cashier's table, and we can't sell them more chips because we maxed out at $15,000. Basically, their evening is done by 9:00 PM and we're open until 1:00 am.

Now, with a huge bank, it is highly unlikely that we would not have the chips to sell a player late into the night.

Again, I see another challenge is simply having enough games and tables for people to play, regardless of the game. It drives me crazy to see players walking around the room with a 32-ounce beer cup full of chips looking for an empty chair or open slot.

A pal of mine recommended that we set up 4 or 5 "let it ride" games. Five tables could handle 35 players using only five dealers. Naturally, we'd have to shave the payouts on the high end and keep the wager amount to a max of $5 or maybe $10 per spot. I have watched "let it ride" in a casino. To me, it's like a money machine for the house. Plus, having five tables means that if one table or two gets crushed, you'll have the three others to protect them.

Any thoughts on this game or suggestions?

As always, thanks.

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