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Well, I see thing little has changed in my absence. LOL
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First time ever playing Craps in Ballys Atlantic City back in 2000;

Dealer told me bet the 6 & 8 and an occasional field bet.

Brought $200 to the table; cashed in $100 to play on a $10 table....4 hours later ....Cashed out with $1,100 Profit; A Craps Addict was born!

On a small bankroll with a novice player. Pass Line with Odds gets boring unless the person is shooting the Dice. The 6 & 8 with an occasional field (especially if it pays triple on the 2/12) can be lots of fun.
Craps is the most "Jekyll and Hyde" casino game ever invented!
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Consider learning the basics of the game online (like the free game on the WoO site) before putting down real money. It can be an expensive lesson if you try to pick it up on the fly.

Rules for shooting the dice should definitely be reviewed too. It lowers the stress level. Encourage her to shoot at least once for the experience, and don't sweat the outcome. Have fun!

.... but have a back-up plan in case she goes bust in 10 minutes.
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