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Binions is a dump, unless you like 6-5 BJ. The games are terrible.

I would suggest that you stay across the street at the Golden Nugget. The Golden Nuggest is really the only downtown casino worth visiting. It's a great casino and the Rush Tower is the place to stay. The room decor is very similar to Aria, it's very clean, and cheap - at about $79 a night.
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Quote: pacomartin

Downtown doesn't go above 20X odds and $2K maximum (offered at Main Street).

Golden Nugget's Strip-like max is the exception downtown. However, you will pay for it with Strip-like $10 - 15 minimums and 3-4-5 odds.
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If only there were a craps survey somewhere...
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Quote: tupp

Unfortunately, Binion's is not the craps palace it once was. Here is a page lamenting Binion's downfall.

By the way, Binion's absorbed The Mint in 1988. So, if you were at The Mint during your last visit to Vegas, it's been a whole lot longer than ten years.

Thanks for the link. I was there after the Mint was absorbed. Times have certainly changed. Binions was the old west atmosphere which I always enjoyed when in Las Vegas. Gone now according to all.

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