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July 4th, 2012 at 11:52:05 AM permalink
At Maryland Live, it's $2 for 1 point on table games.

but i had no idea if the odds counted or not. and to make things worse, the point total displayed lagged by a roll or 2. so it was hard to figure out.

i was up $100 playing the Darkside and was about to leave. I went to the bathroom.
then i decided to collect data to calculate the Rewards points.
and this cost me $700 due to the 1st Hot streak that came after being there for 2hrs!!!

I was playing the Dont so it was easy to collect the data.
At 3/4/5x odds, the flat bet and odds bets were always the same: $8flat, $48 odds.

i just need to keep track of 2 #'s and how many times they were in play.

$8: 28 times (Total= 8x28 = $224)
$48: 19 times (Total = $912)
so I played through $1136

Starting point balance: 3859
ending point balance: 4139

Accumulated 280 points.

if it's $2 for 1 point, then i should have had 1136/2 = 568 points
if odds dont count, then i should have had 224/2= 112 points

so odds do count somewhat??
280-112 = 168 points
$912/168 = $5.43 = 1 point for odds?!?!
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July 4th, 2012 at 1:59:45 PM permalink
it remains a mystery.
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