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Quote: BedWetterBetter

Was just at Caesars for St. Patty's day and a Jamaican fella sat at the table with $300 in green chips about 3 hands in. Didn't think much of it at first and suddenly the dealer started pulling 20's like they were going out of style. 10 showing, 10 in the hole. 9 showing, Ace in the hole. 4 showing, 6 underneath and a 10 right on top, etc.

Sure enough the dealer's next up card is an Ace and everyone groans... No blackjack ... to our surprise and everyone has 18 or better so the dealer goes to turn over his hole card, when suddenly the Jamaican chap says "Wait!" and starts reaching in his pocket for more money. The dealer says "I already checked, there's no blackjack." The guy says, "No, I wanna double!" The dealer replies, "You have 19." He retorts "I know, how much do I got up there." Dealer says "$125"

He shells out the money to cover the ill advised double down and to everyone's shock he pulls an ACE!!! He starts celebrating and acting like he made the greatest move in Blackjack history. Then the dealer turns up a 6 and pulls... a 4!!!

Everyone goes quiet and the dope starts to say "Push" knowing full well that he lost, but the dealer says "Sorry my 21, beats your 20" and takes everyone's money.

Needless to say I stopped playing at that table as did most of the others.

Do you remember the dealers name and what he/she looks like?
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Quote: MaxPen

Do you remember the dealers name and what he/she looks like?

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Quote: onenickelmiracle

If he had said, I won't hit this if you give me $2, what would you have done?

That's actually an interesting tactic. A less confrontational option, if the complaining player has an advantage (based on their dealt hand and the dealer's upcard) might be to say "I'll bet you $X that you will still win this hand even after my dumb move". If he takes you up on it, the bet will offset $X of his losses is he loses, and if he wins he won't mind paying off the bet.
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Just the other night I saw this guy double a 5 (!!!!!!!!) v. dealer 7. I'm thinking, "WTF??" He received a 3 or 4, dealer turns over a 10 and scoops up his chips.
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