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I didn't realize that any casinos anywhere in the world offered $1, $2, or $3 minimum Blackjack tables.

1) This doesn't seem to be a topic discussed much anywhere. In lieu of e-mailing the casinos, can anyone tell me which Las Vegas casinos offer these 'cheap' tables. I "Googled" this topic, and found, for example, that the Casino Royale, Ellis Island, and several casinos in North Las Vegas used to offer these games - but this info. was outdated. I would sure appreciate any current information on which casinos offer a Blackjack game with player-favorable rules (e.g., 3:2 Blackjack instead of 6:5) with $1, $2, or $3 minimim Blackjack.

2) Are there any out of the ordinary things to expect at such tables, besides lots of players and people who may not be especially skilled as to how to play blackjack?

3) By the way, what is a typical maximum bet at such tables - $25?, $100?
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Here is a link to the Wizard's current Las Vegas blackjack survey.

In addition to the very fair Longhorn/Bighorn (same game, different casinos) and Hacienda games that are listed in the survey, Jokers Wild and Poker Palace both spread $2 games.
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The cheaper/dirtier/further away from the strip the casino, the cheaper the game -- that's a good rule of thumb.

I like the Klondike Sunset for their $2 game, open late afternoons and evenings (sometimes).

$1 games are rarer than the Dodo. Parse that as you will. Jokers was $3 when I went there last. Ellis Island is usually $5. Casino Royale no longer has blackjack. Poker Palace is fun, as is Jerry's Nugget. I wouldn't recommend the 'Horns.
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don't online casinos work for this?
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Wow, in Vegas I would assume nowhere...
I know in Reno and Carson City, you can find a good $2 game at a lot of places.
USED to (When Fitz in Reno was open) on Wednesday's they'd have a $1 BJ game (single deck, 3:2, Double-Anything)
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OK, thanks so much for the speedy feedback.
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I've seen $3 at Binion's (even money at 3, 6-5 at 5), hooters, el cortez.

2 at Hacienda at Boulder City
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Places I've seen plenty of $3 blackjack :: Laughlin, Primm and Jean. There was also $3 at two casinos on the route out the Hoover Dam (Hacienda and Railroad pass, I think are their names).

I've also played $3 Jack in various Washington State casinos.

All were non-automatic shufflers.
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Check out this link to find table buy-in at various casinos:

I do not know if the info is accurate, but the date indicates it is current. I am going out in Nov, son please let me know if you find any $3 tables....

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Hooter's at Tropicana and LVB by the Tropicana Hotel, (a strip location), as mentioned, has 24-7 $3 BJ;
On the Strip, Bill's, Casino Royale, and O'Shea's have cheapie action.
Also some slightly off-strip "near strip" properties with high class (Westin Causarina) has good inexpensive games.
Actually, I see a lot of dime games ($10) at the Wynn.

On Boulder Highway, The Longhorn (a REAL dive) right by Sam's Town and Cannery-East has many tables of $2 BJ.
Also on Boulder Highway further down, Joker's Wild: $3 everything, and $2 Three-card poker. Gotta love it.

Fiesta Henderson has $3 BJ (a continuous shuffler), $5 commission-free Pai Gow poker ("The Excellent Game") as well as:
$3 craps with 10x odds - with 3:1 on the Field, AND put bets, and 31-for-1, 16-for-1 prop bets - AND automatic buys on the 4 and 10 at $10 and above;
Talk about a great value crap game. One dealer there is particularly friendly and engaging, but will vent about you shot-takers elsewhere....

Club Fortune also has value games, where Nick should be working, but is way down in Henderson on I-515/95.
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