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A group of 4 went to Las Vegas in November. It was tough to find a place for all of us to gamble at the same time since most tables were limited to three seats for social distancing. A couple Harrahs tables did have the plexiglass dividers so we could all play. Bellagio, Flamingo, Ballys, Cromwell all did not offer that. Are there any other spots on the strip that we could all sit down together?
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If you want to play Baccarat, Green Valley Ranch has no plexiglass dividers at the midi Bacc. table. On the Strip the casinos I played at all had plexiglass at the midi-Baccarat tables. I seem to recall that at least four could play at the midi-Baccarat table, I definitely recall more than three anyway.

At Venetian no smoking at the table games - I liked that.

If my memory serves, there is no plexiglass at the downtown Circa midi-Baccarat table either, but I didn't play there just visited.
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