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She doesn't receive cash, but who knows if they spot her FreePlay.
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There was that YouTube Adpocalypse a couple years ago (late 2017?) that sank Tubers ad revenue by more than 80%. YouTube is demonitizing videos if they aren't ad family friendly which would mean videos need to be Rated G instead of Rated R. People can't even mention the word Coronavirus without getting demonitized. People are finding their entire channel is demonitized overnight, or even before their video goes Public during the upload. That's like going to the bank and getting tossed out on the street and banned forever because you looked at the security guard funny.

I wouldn't bet a career on doing YouTube, but Meet Kevin seems to be hitting the jackpot. He has a bunch of videos earning him nearly $10,000 each and he's up a million dollars real quick.
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Im ahead lifetime in BJ side bets without ever placing a bet. For years Id get the same responses many others have noted. Id either say nothing or say Its ok. I never play those. Occassionally Someone would ask if they could play my spot. So long as (1) the bet resolves on the first two cards only and (2) they werent a jerk, Id say yes. Like clockwork Id get tipped at the end of their session. Usually $5. Since my expected loss per hour at the games I pay is about $3-4 at Most, this is a great deal for me. One guy at MSS tipped me $15 or $20 over the course of 2 hours by adding nickels to my $5 main bet. Plus he was friendly and talkative (and drunk but still pleasant while losing). Now Ill encourage it by saying Maybe its a lucky spot. Youre welcome to play it if youd like. Typically it leads to some friendly conversation and comraderie. And if they decline, they wont keep pestering me since they themselves declined to make the bet.
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One dealer told a man YES, it is a sucker bet but if you don't bet on it and it wins, your wife willnever stop reminding you of it.

so why reist temptation...go for it. the comp rate continues, the camaraderie continues, the corona virus risk ..ah I think i'll just shut u about that.
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Quote: AlanMendelson

Slot Lady has 149,000 subscribers.
Meet Kevin has 732,000 subscribers.

I found this site that tracks YouTube "stars" and it shows slot lady is not a big YouTube earner:

This same site also says Meet Kevin earns less than what he claims.

Monthly earnings from $731-$11,700? They do a pretty good job narrowing that down. lol. I get it, though...even how Youtube pays is variable based on many factors that nobody (content creators included) seems fully sure of, at least, that's what they seem to like to tell people.
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Who the hell are these youtubers you are talking about mr beast is that guy that everyone wants to be besides pew whatever his name is
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Quote: absolute

I only have problems with other players. The casino is actually always nice/doesn't heckle about such things. I don't know what kind of casinos you guys are going to.

So the event in question happened while I was playing at the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, IL (near O'Hare Airport).

Dealers don't typically ask me about why I don't play the side bets, but it does happen on occasion.

In their defense (unlike the players), they are likely just trying to promote something that is profitable for the house.

This particular casino has a popular side bet there called "Top 3" that pays as follows:

3 of a kind: 90 to 1
Straight Flush: 180 to 1
3 of a kind suited: 270 to 1

Practically anytime I get a hand that would have won on any of those, I hear about it.

On another occasion, one player even went as far to shake me in my seat (this was after their covid reopening too!)
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I enjoy watching her videos sometimes. I remember her playing a madonna slot and singing along to material girl living in a material world while she was losing a lot and complaining about the high variance of the madonna slot. I generally play table games when I go,but to each their own. However,my biggest hits have been on a slot machine,.. $1,600 on five dollar double diamond and $2,000 when I hit white 7's on a five dollar machine I can't remember the name of. Go figure lol
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Doesn't the majority of youtube ad revenue come from people actually clicking on the ads? I'm pretty sure the average pay for an ad view is a tiny fraction of a cent. I doubt Slotlady is making more thank $2k a month, $200k is not even in the realm of possibility.
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I get this sometimes. I just tell them I never play them and do not pay attention as to whether I won them or not
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