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I think a lot of people would enjoy this, even without the minimal gambling content.

The subject is a mildly autistic man who had a seizure as a boy and developed unbelievable mental abilities. He holds the world record for reciting Pi, to over 20,000 digits, which took over 5 hours. He can do very difficult equations in his head. He can learn a language in one week.

He does all of this using a unique visual/intuitive method. He sees imagery in his head and then "just knows" the answers. However, he is not an idiot savant. He functions socially and it seems like, even without this gift, he would be a bright fellow.

They take him to Vegas. He is seemingly not very familiar with blackjack. He isn't doing well. Then he gets two sevens against a ten and follows his intuition and blows everyone's mind.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPySn3slfXI (Vegas part is at 29 mins)

You also get to meet the guy Rainman is based on. Seems like, if anything, they understated his ability.
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What always impressed me most is how he can apparently read a book 2 pages at a time, one with either eye, and completely piece together and comprehend what he is reading.
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No coincidence a savant has the same zodiac sign as me. It's an Aries thing.
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Any private business open to the PUBLIC (ie. droned out casinos) cannot have a criminal trespass enforced against an individual without GOOD CAUSE (Disruptive or Disorderly conduct). You will never go to prison for being thrown out of a casino for legal advantage play and then returning because it's simply unconstitutional 'as applied' to the individual. 'As applied' constitutional issues must FIRST be raised in DISTRICT COURT (trial court) to have it thrown out. You CANNOT raise it on APPEAL This is the best kept secret in the world of casinos not just in Vegas but everywhere in the country. Thank me later.
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Quote: ZenKinG

No coincidence a savant has the same zodiac sign as me. It's an Aries thing.

Or a 1/12 chance in the real world most of us live in.

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