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Doesnt mention card counters but u can b sure they will use it. Already installed in 2 US casinos
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This way casinos can verify that each player is blissfully ignorant and blowing spit bubbles as they play blackjack.

Truly pathetic. Predatory gaming at it's finest.
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Wonder how it well it will pick up the 2nd Player Card image in blackjack as that card is normally placed partially on top of the first card? The bacc example in the video is the lowest bar for measuring optical recognition performance.
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Quote: Paradigm

...The bacc example in the video is the lowest bar for measuring optical recognition performance.

Agreed. My first thought was "well that certainly isn't a threat to anyone as I'm sure it's not even 100% on the simple baccarat test. Past that, I doubt it would be able to track and entire table of players at one time. I could see this more as when the PB or EITS thinks something up and they turn this program on to track 1 specific player. If they have BS and even counting deviations properly programmed then they could tell if the player is deviating correctly or not, though I suppose that's years away still, and again only if it gets turned on for one player. I'm also interested like Paradigm said to see what happens when the cards are stacked on top of one another like they typically are in BJ.
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I'l like to see how it performs on face cards. Can it distinguish jacks/queens/kings on muddy video? Important for some side bets, and poker based games.
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The article says it enhances recognition of people based on their facial features, body type and clothing patterns.

I expect card counters will be buying new clothes and things to change their body shapes - like silicon butt enhancers.
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Thanks for this post from:
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It never ceases to amaze me. These companies are AP'ing the casinos more than AP's are.
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Why does every event that now occurs sooner or later make it to YouTube? Why are there cameras positioned every three feet in all directions? Because the ability to STORE these images can now be accommodated in a flash drive or terabyte disk instead of VHS tapes.

You need the technology to capture the images, which seems to be described here, the ability to store the images cheaply, and the programming necessary to review the images. Welcome to the brave new world.

Once the programming is in place to do the heavy lifting: scan the images; match betting circle with cards and player decisions; compare it to running/true count. There's no need to wait for a call from the pit to security - SCAN THEM ALL!

If it can't be done in real time, with a pre-recorded message sent to the corded phone sitting on top of the pit counter, or to two large roving suits with an IPhone, then produce a report every morning with the player's card number, name, date and time of "offense", and put a red flag on the card so that the next time it's swiped, anywhere, (maybe at ANY casino, anywhere...) and an automated backoff happens before a single card is dealt.

The end of personal security happened when the ability to record and store the images of video cameras became so cheap, and the media eternally reusable, as to make it essentially "free" to keep it all on a server somewhere, able to be recalled at will. The similarly inexpensive cost, relatively speaking, of software to make use of the images, and the cleverness of those of us writing software, is catching up. I paid several thousand dollars for my first personal computer. I just bought an "App" to run on my $600 phone for... 99 cents.

It will take a while. But whatever line you want to set about how long before backoffs become a totally automated process...

I'll take the under.
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Quote: Ibeatyouraces

It never ceases to amaze me. These companies are AP'ing the casinos more than AP's are.

This is probably one the best/true statement I have read regarding all this.

Darksiders love to fear monger in order to line their pockets. These companies are selling bullsh*t to the casinos, and they have been for years. It's funny because I was just reading some old company material I forgot I had from the 90's. It was about some new great advanced system that protected against Advantage Players. Here it is 2017 and they are still claiming they can help stop AP.

The only real fear casinos should have from Advantage Players are people betting large amounts and playing large denominations. Most of the time it's right in front of their face, but greed clouds their sight. Any half smart pit boss should be able to know something is up. The cost of finding a good pit boss is much better than any Darksiders or tracking system.

Greed is the reason Don Jonson, Phil Ivey, and countless other people have been able to pull off their moves.

Meanwhile, they are spending countless hours and dollars sweating low-limit card counters and guys playing machines at low to mid levels.

I don't know many people attempt AP or gamble because they believe the casinos don't always win and there are ways to beat the casinos. I have a feeling the casinos are better off because of AP's.
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Quote: AxelWolf

...I have a feeling the casinos are better off because of AP's.

Well of course they are. If it wasn't for AP's then regular people may not think they could win. Point and case is Card Counting and Beat the Dealer. When that came out everyone in the world thought they could make money from blackjack, flooded to the tables, and maybe 1% or so of them were actually prepared with a counting system, basic strategy, and a bankroll to reduce their RoR. Of that 1% some hit good variance and some hit bad... but most of which more than likely were playing a small winning game and couldn't ever dream of touching the casinos bottom line. Thus, the casino gets a WAVE of players to come play, of which 99% will be playing a losing game, .5% will have poor variance, and .5% will make money with a winning game and most will still be at a smaller level of play to not affect them.

I still truly believe any casino that "fears" card counters are complete morons, especially under the black chip ($300-$400 avg bet) level.

It never ceases to amaze me how much money casinos are willing to lose to try to stop a LESSER VALUE in counters/AP's.
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