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Quote: billryan

...Does anyone know what this cost back then?

The two-day advanced course at Ken Uston's Institute of Blackjack was $397 in 1979, so maybe half that? $199?

Here's a link to great article from Sport's Illustrated telling the Ken Uston story shortly after he was banned for counting in Atlantic City, in January of 1979. The Odds Couple Scroll to the bottom of this long essay to see a quote from the man who would one day be Mayor of Las Vegas, Hizzonour Oscar Goodman.

Quote: Oscar Goodman defending his client's use of hidden computer equipment to count Blackjack

"There's nothing illegal about using computers. It's no different than the guys who make notations at the roulette wheels on pads provided by the casinos. The computer is merely a more sophisticated method."

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