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Quote: Joeshlabotnik

Well, Axel, I freely admit that I rarely if ever identified, much less played, the best games/promotions in the city or even the best ones in the casino. Back then as now, there was an opportunity cost attached to scouting. If I spent a day not playing a $30 an hour game because I was looking for one worth $35, that would have been hard to ma ke up. Back then, $30 an hour--on my own schedule, and on my own terms--was damned good money. It still wouldn't be bad now, which is underscored by how the fleas swarm when some play worth half that much surfaces.

Also, there were times when I/we knew very well about objectively better plays but felt that they required too much bankroll risk. I knew quite a few very talented people who had busted out due to greed and/or lack of discipline. I was quite happy to not ride the fastest gravy train.

Fair enough.

I will say that there were quite a few big low variance that required a very small BR if done correctly and you knew what you were doing and what to look for. Oftentimes you didn't know it until you seen it. There wasn't a guide or book telling you what to look for. Oftentimes Things came up that never had before.

We are talking 150% ++ on as low as .25 denomination. For example, the Fiesta in the new section had progressive meters on .25 deuces wild ST8F, payed $45(should be $10) 5K, payed $80 (should be $20) WR paid $125(should be $31,25) 4 duces $350+ (should be $250), RF (Cant remember, but not big). You can run it, but at one point it was over 200% payback.

I could name many such things but don't want Romes claiming I wrote a book. Also I don't want to be bringing up stuff that could be viable nowadays.
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