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Quote: AceTwo

The highest EV on a BJ Hand that I have encountered was 150%.
That was a Special Promotion game that lasted only a few hours with a joker which counted as Automatic BJ if you got it.
I was playing first base and I knew that the very next card was a joker.

But under Normal BJ rules he biggest EV attainable in a Hand of BJ is around 50%.
That is when you know your first card (or second) will be an Ace.
This could be because of exposed first card or bottome steering or other AP method. Although in most AP methods you will not be 100% where exactly the Ace is so the EV will be considerably less than 50%.

Mispayments also could produce EVs of upto 200%. ie 200% on been paid on a losing hand, 100% on pushing a losing hand.

Exposed 3rd cards also would have very High EVs. For example the previous player signalled Stand and a Fast Dealer proceeded to Hit.
In some places I played, the exposed card would stay in play for the next player.
I once Doubled a 13 with an exposed 8.

Station casinos used to run similar promotions like this.

One of them was during football games. You picked a team(obviously the high scoring teams) and when they scored a touchdown your next hand was double if you won. The max bet was $100 but you could play 2 spots. They doubled the full amount if you doubled down or split . Other People sitting at the table next to you would often let you bet the extra (occasionally $90 extra)on there hands because they were not willing to bet the full $100. I remember splitting 10's more often and more aggressive doubling.

They had one where they put a special card in the shoe games. What ever person got the card, got double on that hand of they won. I think it was $50 max
If the dealer got the card, everyone at the table got double. You could see the special card getting ready to come out(it was a different color) . We would take up 6 spots playing with 3 people and steer the special card to the dealer most of the time.
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