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A casino near me regularly mails out coupons that players can use as a "Free Ace" on any one hand. If a player uses it, he is dealt only one card for that round, with the second card being an automatic Ace. For example, if the player gets a 5, he plays his hand as a soft 16. The coupon is good for bets of up to $100.

What is the expected value of this coupon for non-card counters?
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The Wizard's Blackjack Appendix 14 gives the expected value of each card as the initial player card. As you can see, the expected value of this coupon is just over $50.
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Quote: ZPP

value of this coupon is just over $50.

IF it is used in conjunction with a 100.00 wager.

Rarely do casinos put such high value coupons in their mailers. They must think it will be redeemed for a smaller bet.
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I just got one of these coupons in the mail with the stipulation that Blackjack pays even money. You may bet up to $100. The WoO chart referenced above must assume 3-2 pay on BJ. I am thinking it will still be worth mazimizing? Any opinions?
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A couple of players I know will double down after getting an even money blackjack on a free play coupon. This of course has to be in a casino that allows doubling a natural.

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