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Quote: surrender88s


Okay,your betting spread is not large enough to get you noticed as a counter and I don't believe you need camouflage at this time. Even if you raise your bets with the count it is unlikely that they will order a skills check. They look for large spreads, basic strategy deviations, wonging and spreading to more than one hand, all coinciding with the count. If you're not doing any of those go ahead and play away.

You did mention that you play rated so let's take a look at that. The casino has a record of your lifetime wins and that can be a cause for concern even for a break even player. That figure can be watered down by pocketing chips as previously discussed. Remember, no blacks and do it conservatively win or lose.

My last couple of back offs have been from surveillance rather than the pit. These are the tough ones because you don't always see them coming.
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